Gambit Esports vs FaZe Clan IEM Katowice betting picks

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 21, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Gambit and FaZe both ran into trouble on their path to the IEM Katowice playoffs, but our betting analysis will pick which team should come out on top.

FaZe Clan and Gambit are in very different positions. After pushing Natus Vincere to its absolute limit, FaZe narrowly lost in overtime to start the playoffs in the first round. But FaZe is still a team to watch in the final stage. As for Gambit, the Russian roster fell into the lower bracket in the very first round against Ninjas in Pyjamas. With one team on the come up and another already scarred, FaZe Clan versus Gambit Esports promises to be an entertaining IEM Katowice opening match.

This best-of-three IEM Katowice series will take place on February 25 at noon CST. CSGO fans interested in pick ‘ems and fantasy should check out PrizePicks.

Gambit Esports IEM Katowice betting picks

Gambit entered IEM Katowice as a solid pick for the podium, but any momentum was immediately halted with an early loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas. The team managed to recover, eventually defeating NiP 2-0 to earn a spot in the playoffs. Gambit’s wide map pool has been instrumental in the comeback and should be taken into account when making picks. The team boasts 100% win rates on Mirage and Vertigo with additional dubs on Inferno, Ancient, and Overpass. In-game leader Vladislav “nafany” Gorshkov is adept at shutting down star players, as demonstrated by Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut’s 3-18 scoreline against Gambit on Mirage.

Dmitriy “sh1ro” Sokolov absolutely dominated the competition in the group stage. When he was needed most in the NiP rematch, he put up 49 kills with just 21 deaths in one of the best performances of the event. sh1ro’s gutsy one-on-four clutch in the opener gave his team the confidence it needed to make the playoffs. Going over on sh1ro kills is a good way to start your PrizePick CSGO fantasy squad off right.

FaZe Clan IEM Katowice betting analysis

FaZe is known for two things. The first is swapping players in and out due to health issues, and the second is explosive rifle play. The series against Natus Vincere showed that the team can kick it with the best of them. The match was marked with insane rounds from Helvijs “broky” Saukants and Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken. Though Gambit is a tough opponent, such a showing against Na’Vi is a great omen for FaZe’s chances.

New addition Robin “ropz” Kool has cooled down somewhat since the early stages, but overall, the team has a pretty even skill spread. broky is adept at shutting down key sightlines and Twistzz’ CT side is looking especially sharp. The Canadian’s four-kill round against Natus Vincere’s Mirage B defense take proved it. Even captain Finn “karrigan” Andersen has contributed key frags in Poland. Going over on broky kills and under for karrigan headshots will round out any PrizePick fantasy roster.

FaZe Clan vs Gambit Esports IEM Katowice betting pick

FaZe Clan and Gambit Esports have only met twice in the past year before IEM Katowice. Both matches ended in 2-1 scorelines, one for FaZe and the other for Gambit. Both squads are in decent form, with FaZe fresh off a razor-sharp series against Na’Vi and Gambit carrying some momentum from a championship at Funspark ULTI. Gambit should remove Dust 2 from the equation and FaZe should do the same for Vertigo. Both teams are comfortable on Ancient, so Inferno and Mirage should come before it. 

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FaZe Clan is playing white-hot while Gambit has already taken a rough loss at IEM Katowice. There’s plenty of time to research this matchup, but both karrigan and nafany have little prior experience to work off of. The odds make FaZe a smart pick for this match, with a solid payout at FaZe 2.12 over Gambit. Both teams are full of stars with potential to dominate, so there’s plenty of great choices for fantasy at PrizePick.