Galeforce, Seraphine, more to be buffed on LoL patch 10.25

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The list of weak champions in the 2021 preseason is long, but luckily Riot will try to boost the power of most of them in the upcoming patch 10.25. 

As tanks and assassins have been dominating the preseason so far, some champions are close to unplayable when looking at their win rates. To make up for this, Riot will be buffing a lot of champions who are currently at a bad place, while also buffing a lot of items that are currently underperforming. 

According to gameplay design director Mark “Scuffy” Yetter, the patch will put a lot of focus towards adjusting champions to specific roles, while many attack damage items are seeing some improvements. 

Seraphine mid being buffed on patch 10.25

K/DA Seraphine

  • Health per level 80 >> 90
  • [NEW] W – Surround Sound, shield increased by 50% for Seraphine only

Since release, Seraphine has not been succeeding in the mid lane as intended. Riot originally wanted her to be a mid laner primarily, which is why she will get some buffs to boost her power in a solo lane.

Seraphine will now gain extra shield for herself through Surround Sound, which is a clear strength for her in the mid lane. She will also gain more health per level to help her survive certain matchups. 

Twitch becomes stronger on patch 10.25

Ice King Twitch

  • Q – Ambush, attack speed 30-50 >> 40-60%
  • W – Venom Cask, slow amount 25-45 >> 30-50%
  • R – Spray and Pray, bonus attack damage 20-40 >> 25-55

After a few rough patches, Twitch will get a big damage boost on patch 10.25. Riot will be increasing his damage on Spray and Pray. Combined with the extra attack speed on Ambush, Twitch will become scarier when exiting stealth to dish out damage. 

Twitch will also receive a larger slow amount on Venom Cask. This change doesn’t seem that big, but will likely help Twitch lock down targets easier or use it to escape ganks. 

Galeforce becomes more viable on patch 10.25


  • Galeforce – Attack damage 55 >> 60
  • Galeforce – Active cooldown 90 >> 60 seconds

While Galeforce is a fun and innovative item, it has been overruled by other attack damage Mythical items so far. Riot will be increasing the damage on Galeforce, while the active cooldown for the dash gets lowered significantly. 

These buffs might make the item more lucrative for certain marksmen who are in need of a dash. For maximum damage output, Galeforce still probably won’t be the way to go. 

Patch 10.25 is expected to hit the live servers on December 9. 

What role is Seraphine in League of Legends?

Seraphine is a mix between the support and mid lane role on League of Legends. According to Riot, she is meant to be played in the mid lane in most cases, but she has mostly been succeeding as support. Riot is looking to change that on patch 10.25, as they want her to become more viable as a supportive mid laner. 

Is Seraphine a new champion?

Seraphine is the newest champion in League of Legends as of December 2, 2020. Seraphine was released after weeks of teasing on October 13. She was originally teased through a Twitter account that fans quickly realized was a new LoL champion. 

Is Twitch good in LoL?

The 2021 preseason has not been nice to Twitch, who has been sitting far below a 50% win rate on both patch 10.24 and 10.23. The Plague Rat is not adjusting well to the new items, which has put him on very low priority. Riot is looking to make him more viable on patch 10.25 right before entering season 11.