G2 owner shocks with comment to streamer, but there’s a twist

By Olivia Richman


Jun 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

G2 Esports chief executive officer Carlos Rodriguez turned 53 today (aka 31). For his birthday, members of G2 Esports shared wholesome content all over Twitter. This included a custom birthday cake and a video of some G2 Esports employees and pro players singing him “Happy Birthday.” In the video, Rodriguez is so focused on the hilarious cake design that he gets a bit surprised when someone lets off a confetti cannon. It was all fun and games until Rodriguez decided to publicly respond to a female streamer’s tweet about his big day. 

G2 Esports content creator Rose Sarite, also known as PrincessxRose, simply tweeted “Hey” last night. In response, Rodriguez decided to quote her tweet with a raunchy response of his own: “Sit on my face.” 

In response, PrincessxRose said that her mom follows Rodriguez on Twitter. He replied with a meme showing a cockatiel “staring uncomfortably.” A lot of people in the esports community found the exchange very unprofessional for the founder of the G2 organization, which PrincessxRose is a part of. 

G2 Rodriguez

Many of the responses condemned Rodriguez for being “horny on main,” while others just expressed shock. While it was strange for such a prominent and important member of the industry to publicly say something so sexualized on his Twitter, it was more concerning that it was said to an employee. 

Rodriguez’s Twitter bio claims “97.4% of my tweets are crafted in a jokingly manner.” But even if it was a joke, many felt it was inappropriate and weird. 

But there was a twist. Rose is actually Rodriguez’s partner. This excused the behavior for many fans, although some still felt the tweet was a little bit much for the public eye. Some told the two to “get a room.” 

Happy birthday Carlos Rodriguez. Keep on crafting tweets in a joking manner, and the esports community will keep on reacting to them.


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