G2 Esports benches Jackz as AmeNEk returns to CSGO roster

By Nick Johnson


Dec 7, 2020

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G2 Esports is done with Audric “⁠JaCkz⁠” Jug after deciding to fill its fifth roster spot with François “AmaNEk” Delaunay.

After G2 announced that it had signed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star Nikola “niKo” Kovač in October, the top-10 CSGO team utilized a six-man roster. While it had switched JaCkz and AmaNEK in and out since niKo’s addition, G2 has decided to release JaCkz with no intention of bringing him back to active duty. While technically still contracted to the G2 organization, he is no longer listed as a part of the team’s official roster.

JaCKz played with G2 during IEM Beijing and tallied negative ratings in his final games on the G2 roster despite winning matchups against both mousesports and FaZe Clan. After IEM Beijing, the team fielded AmeNEk during December’s DreamHack Masters Winter. The 27-year-old rifler didn’t fare much better against similar competition, averaging only a .90 rating to go along with a -27 kill-to-death ratio over seven maps. While the team’s last two matchups came against strong competition in FURIA and Astralis, G2’s options were slim.

G2 open to offers for JaCKz after niKo signing

While neither JaCKz nor AmeNEk impressed during their “tryouts” for the team’s fifth slot, G2 decided internally that AmeNEk was the better choice moving forward. JaCKz has been on G2’s CSGO roster since 2019, and was part of the early 2020 run that saw G2 take second place in IEM Katowice 2020. JaCKz managed a solid 1.01 rating against an unstoppable Na`Vi squad and had continued statistical success afterward. But since CSGO’s player break ended in August, the vet has struggled to generate any momentum on the server.

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Since ESL One Cologne 2020, he’s gone negative in every tournament appearance. Regardless, G2 team manager Jerome “Niak” Sudries had nothing but kind words to say about the player that spent more than two years with the organization.

“Audric is a truly passionate and committed player… I have no doubt that he will contribute to the success of his future team,” Sudries said.

There are no immediate landing spots that stand out for the veteran player, but Valorant’s expanding esports scene has provided a safety net for homeless CSGO veterans. The coaching route is also an option for the former G2 rifler, as there is a dearth of credentialed coaches after dozens of sanctions being put in place by the ESIC.


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