Furia’s arT says the Krieg is useless, wants to see it buffed

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 22, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Furia’s Andrei “arT” Piovezan has declared SG-553 Krieg to be useless in a Reddit “ask me anything” session. The in-game leader shared his opinion on a variety of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapons during the talk.

The Brazillian rifler gave his fans carte blanche to ask him anything in the Reddit post. In one of  the answers, arT went ahead and gave a detailed analysis of different weapons in CS:GO. 

“And if you are a furia-art hater this is ur chance to roast me and get me to read it WIN WIN scenario!” arT said in the post

arT wants the old Kreig back

The Krieg has had several nerfs after numerous big names including Richard “shox” Papillon and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledoin prompted Valve to debase the weapon.

The weapon had its days of glory prior, as CSGO professional Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen once went as far as to declare Kreig “the most overpowered gun in the history of Counter-Strike.”

After several nerfs, the Krieg has become useless according to arT. The Brazilian rifler wants the old Krieg back with a few changes. His demand for the old SG-553 comes as no surprise as the Kreig is his third most used weapon after AK-47 and AWP. His ideal Kreig has a price higher than the current one, ensuring “high risk, high reward.” 

The Kreig currently costs $3500, which may seem like a hefty amount. But with consecutive nerfs, the weapon has lost all justification for a price higher than other rifles. A boost in price with its previous fire rate restored could make the Kreig an ideal weapon for players such as arT who like to switch between the AK and AWP. 

arT speaks on CSGO rifle and SMG balance

arT doesn’t think that Galil is too powerful for its low price of $1800, which can be a suitable buy on an eco round. Even during tournaments, arT goes his own way and buys a smaller SMG while the rest of his teammates invest in a Galil.

The IGL’s love for the MP9 runs deep. He recommended using the MP9 instead of the UMP in several instances. The SMG has a low price compared to the Famas and ensures a higher success rate in close-range battles and site rushes. 

The Brazillian IGL has also given up on the Famas, a rifle that is a secondary choice for CTs. Instead, he prefers to use the P90 in rushes and close battles due to the higher fire rate of the SMG.