FURIA benches HEN1 as he seeks to play with brother LUCAS1

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 8, 2021

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FURIA has moved Henrique “HEN1” Teles to its bench at the player’s request. The announcement results from the AWPer’s wish to compete alongside his brother, Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles, who’s currently a free agent. 

The reports of FURIA benching HEN1 finally come to fruition as the organization confirmed HEN1’s stepping down from the active roster. Co-owner of FURIA Andre Akkari broke the news in which he revealed that it was HEN1’s primary goal to play alongside his brother. Aaakari further stated that he’d rather want a player who’s entirely devoted to FURIA than someone whose heart and soul is elsewhere. 

“The first is during the whole year of 2020 he has demonstrated, always in a clear and transparent way, the will to play with Lucas, his twin brother,” Aaakari said

The co-owner said that the organization wouldn’t hinder HEN1 from trying to attain his goal, which is why they have cut down his buyout rates. This favor from the organization should allow the AWPer to reunite with his brother sooner. 

HEN1 steps down from FURIA to play with twin brother LUCAS1

The Brazilian twin brothers entered Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a dynamic duo and played under many banners as a pair. After more than seven years together, their final combined stint was in Luminosity Gaming, after which HEN1 moved on with FURIA and LUCAS1 was loaned to MiBR. 

The twin brothers recently played against each other in BLAST Premier Fall Series group stages. According to the co-owner, this was the match that tempted HEN1 to rejoin his brother and win a title for Brazil. 

The player’s decision to restart his journey comes amid the peaks of his career in CSGO. As opposed to LUCAS1, HEN1 had managed to ingrain a stable position at one team. His victorious tenure in FURIA saw the team power through top 10 of the world rankings with HEN1 on its roster. His individual performance helped him secure a spot in HLTV’s top 20 players of 2020, with a striking rating of 1.11. 

While the organization has supported his decision, fans and CSGO specialists are calling it a risk. 

According to several reports, the AWPer is confident enough to step down from the organization to join former MiBR coach Raphael “cogu” Camargo at his new project. The coach has teased a project featuring six players set to play under a new organization. 

Whether HEN1 joins cogu on his venture remains unsettled. However, the AWPer has made it clear that he’d leave a top-rated organization to compete alongside his twin brother. 


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