FunPlusPhoenix, chrisJ split without a deal as SuNny stands in

By Nick Johnson


Mar 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Former mousesports AWPer Chris “chrisj” de Jong left FunPlusPhoenix’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster after failing to finalize a deal, according to an official release from the team.

Many expected that chrisJ would stay on with FPX for ESL Pro League Season 13, especially after FPX released an entire highlight reel welcoming chrisJ to the organization’s CSGO roster. But a statement from the team’s general manager Peta “Peca” Markovic revealed that the team was unable to ink a final deal with the veteran AWPer that would have seen him stay. 

FPX changes roster dangerously close to ESL Pro League Season 13

FunPlus Phoenix returned to CSGO by acquiring the core of Swedish organization GODSENT, which later transitioned to a Brazilian roster led by fan-favorite Epitácio “TACO” de Melo. The departure of Chrisj comes just days before FunPlusPhoenix is set to compete in ESL Pro League Season 13.

In chrisJ’s place, the organization announced the addition of former ENCE rifler Miikka “SuNny” Kemppi for the event. Though SuNny is a talent, it’s dangerously late to switch out a player, especially for an organization that has struggled to stay on its feet in CSGO.

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The Chinese esports organization had a rough go of it in 2020 when it initially tried to acquire a CSGO roster in a deal with Heroic. Astralis stepped in and offered a lucrative deal to Patrick “es3tag” Hansen and reportedly caused a chain reaction that left FunPlusPhoenix without a team in the middle of FLASHPOINT’s first season.

That leaves suNny, Jesse “zehN” Linjal, Martin “STYKO” Styko, Pavle “maden” Bošković,  and Asger “farlig” Jensen as FPX’s initial ESL Pro League lineup. Fans will be able to catch FunPlusPhoenix in only two days when the organization takes on Complexity for its first matchup of EPL13 on March 3.