FunPlus Phoenix announces rebrand with a brand new logo

By Olivia Richman


Dec 28, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

FunPlus Phoenix is rebranding once again. 

Chinese League of Legends organization FunPlus Phoenix announced a logo change earlier today. On Twitter, the 2019 World Championship winner explained that the change was an “upgrade” of its brand vision. 

“Our totem phoenix soars from oriental, engraved it’s burning mark rapidly on the letters of FPX. The vision we want to share is the spirit of Faith, Passion, and Xpossibility. Fly Phoenix, Fly,” FPX tweeted. 

FunPlus Phoenix reveals new logo

FunPlus Phoenix tweeted a short clip to reveal their new logo. It showed a phoenix rapidly soaring through the screen. As it zooms past the screen, FunPlus Phoenix’s new logo pops up with the phoenix’s shape integrated into the typography. The simplified logo now has the three letters “FPX” with the shape of a phoenix rushing through them. 

The new logo was immediately met with approval from Cloud9’s social media. But while the North American organization was joined by other fans who couldn’t wait to see the logo on the players’ jerseys, not everyone was an immediate fan of the rebrand. Many expressed that letters are not a logo, apparently wanting a bit more detail or symbolism. 

It’s surprising to see fans reacting so strongly to FunPlus Phoenix’s new logo when the organization has actually rebranded three times now in under a year. The League of Legends community will have to wait and see if FPX’s third attempt at a logo will stick longer than the previous ones. For now, it will be used for all of their franchises and teams, including Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in addition to the more renowned League of Legends team. 

Is FunPlus Phoenix in Worlds 2020?

Despite being crowned the champions in 2019, FPX failed to make it to Worlds in 2020. In the 2020 Summer Split of the LPL, the Chinese team found itself in eighth place. The team is most likely looking to rebrand going into the 2021 LPL season to help start fresh with both a newly modified roster and logo. 


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