Captain Toad

Fun facts about Toad, Nintendo’s most confusing character

By Olivia Richman


May 15, 2022

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Toad is a constant in almost every Mario game, from classic platformers to sports spin-offs. Toad also has his own game, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Despite being in every Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Paper Mario game to date, not much is known about this mysterious and raspy-voiced Nintendo character. So who is Toad?

Toad was first introduced in Super Mario Bros. in 1985, depicted as a race of people who live in Peach’s kingdom. But Toad is so much more than just a mushroomlike sidekick. Here are some lesser-known facts about Toad.

Who is Toad in the Mario games?

Captain Toad isn’t Toad’s first time being a hero

Toad is often depicted as a sidekick, either cowering in fear of Bowser or cracking funny jokes to Mario. Fans of the character were excited to see Toad shine in Captain Toad, where he is finally showcased the leading hero. But Toad has actually been the main protagonist in the past.

The first time Toad was the sole protagonist in a Nintendo game was Wario’s Woods. In this puzzle game from 1994, Toad is on a mission to defeat Wario. It’s revealed that Toad has incredible strength and is able to physically toss Wario away with ease.

The mushroom on Toad’s head may be a hat

A lot of people think of Toad as a mushroom-like species. But it’s possible that Toad’s red and white mushroom head is actually a hat, if you believe The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 is a canon cartoon. Toad even takes the mushroom hat off multiple times during the show. He reveals a mostly bald, round head when he does take it off.

But the show may not actually be canon. Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi has said the mushroom is part of Toad’s head. Koizumi even alluded that something may be hiding inside the mushroom.

Captain Toad is not the same Toad you see in other Mario games

Captain Toad may look the same as other Toads apart from his outfit and gear, but it’s been confirmed that Captain Toad is not the same Toad you play as in Mario Strikers, Mario Kart, and other spin-offs. Captain Toad’s producer is the one to reveal this interesting information. This has left many fans wondering which Toads are canon and which aren’t.

Toad isn’t romantically involved with Toadette

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Toadette’s first appearance was in Mario Kart: Double Dash, a GameCube game that was released in 2003. With a pink mushroom head and pigtails, she appeared to be the female version of Toad. Many immediately assumed that Toad and Toadette were dating, but Treasure Tracker’s producer Koichi Hayashida has said they are actually “adventure pals.” They are also not related, another theory fans had.

Toad may be Peach’s father

Things are getting even more confusing. The King of the Mushroom Kingdom is actually King Toadstool, who is the confirmed father of Princess Peach. With a large round crown on his head in the shape of a mushroom head, it’s unclear if King Toadstool is a human or a type of Toad, like Toadsworth. So it’s possible that Princess Peach’s father is a Toad, which would make Peach at least part Toad herself.

Toad has an interesting array of voice actors

Toad has had multiple voice actors throughout the years, which possibly explains why his voice gets more and more grating as the years go on. Mario fans have noticed that Toad’s voice has become raspier and more high-pitched over time.

John Stocker played Toad in the animated series. Jen Taylor, Cortana’s voice actress from the Halo series, voiced Toad in the video games from 1999 to 2008. Samantha Kelly is now the voice of Toad.

It’s fitting that Toad’s voice actors keep changing since his lore continues expanding and changing. It’s difficult to know what’s canon about Toad and what isn’t. Which Toad is the main Toad? Is his mushroom head a hat? What are Toad’s true powers? Nintendo fans are still confused, leaving them wanting to know more about this popular yet mysterious character.


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