Friberg gets revenge on Heroic, beats them 16-0 as substitute

Steven Rondina • September 18, 2019 4:00 pm

Adam “friberg” Friberg is one Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player you don’t want to mess with.

The veteran player was recently dumped from Heroic in favor of Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer. In response, friberg stepped in for Team GamerLegion as a substitute in the GG.Bet Beijing Invitational, playing against his former team and torching them with a 16-0 victory.

The game was largely what one would expect out of a 16-0 game. Playing on the CT side of Overpass, GamerLegion took the pistol round, converted, and never let Heroic recover. Any time Heroic committed to a play, GamerLegion had the answer. Any time Heroic found an early advantage in a round, the opportunity was squandered.

friberg himself was a big part of this, as he came through with a number of big multi-kill rounds. In a hilarious twist, he actually had the opposite K/D of his replacement at Heroic, Snappi, with friberg going 16-6 during the game while Snappi went 6-16.

To friberg’s credit, he was wholly professional throughout on social media and did not take the opportunity to rub salt in Heroic’s wounds. Still, this win undoubtedly felt good for him.

The epic victory didn’t lead to anything else for friberg, though.

GamerLegion played against G2 Esports the next day and were edged out 2-1, with the final map coming down to double overtime. While GamerLegion continued on in the group stage, friberg’s time as a stand-in came to an end.

Heroic still has an opportunity for revenge against GamerLegion. The two teams will face off once again in the best-of-three decider match in their group. The winner advances to the playoffs while the loser is eliminated.

It is unclear who GamerLegion will field for that game, as the team has regularly rotated in and out substitutes. Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom and Kevin “HS” Tarn have both been absent from GamerLegion’s lineup. Fans of the team will hope that at least one of them will be returning to action.


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