Fortnite X Mayhem event brings Borderlands content, new map location

By Olivia Richman


Aug 27, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Borderlands has officially arrived in Fortnite, thanks to a crossover between 2K Games and Epic Games that launched this morning. 

The Fortnite x Mayhem event comes with a new map location, known as The Pandora Rift Zone. As shown in a new trailer, players that enter Pandora are transported to a Borderlands-style location in the game’s iconic art style. More importantly, the Pandora Rift Zone brings a new element to Fortnite’s gameplay. 

“If you go long enough without taking damage, you’ll generate Shield,” Fortnite developers noted in the official blog post


Fortnite players can also buy the Psycho bundle from the shop. This includes the Borderlands character, along with Claptrap, who is featured chilling on the Psycho’s back. Just like in Borderlands, Claptrap has a lot of fun quips which seem to be voiced by the original voice actor. 

Additional Fortnite-themed loot is avaialble in the free Welcome to Pandora Challenge Bundle. Rewards include the Mayhem Wrap, Valt Hunter Banner, Psycho Spray, and Crunk Bunny Spray. 

There is also Borderlands content for use in Fortnite Creative. Developers are urging players to use the new in-game camera filters, and then share the results on social media using #FortniteXMayhem. On September 6, they will feature some of the creations on The Block. 

 All of the Borderlands-themed content will be available until September 10. Borderlands 3 is set to be released on September 13, three days later. 

Epic Games partners up for Borderlands 3 release


The Epic Store currently states that purcashing Borderlands 3 through the store will unlock the Fortnite Psycho Bundle for free. 

Before the update, Epic had teased the 2K Games collaboration on Tiwtter. 

The tweet included the text, “When you see it,” and featured an image with a Psycho mask hidden between other drawings. The hashtag #FortniteXMayhem was also used in the tweet, which was a strong hint towards Borlands’ tagline, “Mayhem is Coming.” 

Players were able to put together that it was a Borderlands-themed event quite easily. But fans still were uncertain what this would entail. For their recent Air Jordan event, Epic had only included Jordan-branded cosmetics, while the Avengers crossover included a massive game mode. 

Unlike many events before this, data miners and leakers didn’t seem to have any insight leading up to the release today.