Fortnite update 11.50: new engine, Valentine’s Day, and bad bugs

Olivia Richman • February 6, 04:39

Fortnite’s latest patch is already causing controversy.

Fortnite players areup in arms after seeing Twitter user Jahlynz’s in-game discovery. According to their tweet from earlier today, “you can walk through fully built walls if you phase them for long enough.” 

The disgruntled player included a video of the game-breaking bug, seemingly taken from a casual session with friends. In the video, his friends howl in amusement as Jahlynz continuously walks through a wall he built over and over. 

This bug came with the 11.50 update, which introduced a new physics system to Fortnite. 

The ability to walk through fully built walls is a huge advantage over opponents, making it quite the alarming discovery. Knowing that your opponent may be able to phase through a wall makes for a stressful environment where players can come from any angle without structural limitations. Other players came forward with their own experiences, claiming they were able to walk through cones. 

Developer Epic Games has yet to comment on this concerning bug. 

Fortnite v11.50 update introduces Chaos physics system

v11.50 is the final patch for Chapter 2 Season 1. There’s surprisingly only been three updates throughout Season 1, a far cry from the weekly updates that came before the new chapter started. 

One of the biggest changes in this update is Fortnite’s switch to Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics engine. This is a first for Epic’s battle royale. Every single building, vehicle, bush, and object throughout the map has been updated to work with the Chaos physics engine. 

As Epic predicted, there were some “bumps along the way,” not a surprise when introducing an entirely new engine to a game.

Another exciting part of the update is the unvaulting of the Launch Pads. This is a much-needed item, since Chapter 2 has notoriously had very little mobility options. Players are shot into the sky when they jump on the Launch Pad, helping them during rotations. The patch notes state that Launch Pads will only be available in non-competitive playlists. 

The last big change came in the form of a Valentine’s Day event, which will hopefully bring some excitement to the game while players wait for the new season coming on February 20. The event brings Valentine’s Day-themed cosmetic items and a Limited Time Mode called “Love and War.” 

If love isn’t your thing, Fortnite has also hinted that Harley Quinn, who is newly single after a breakup with the Joker, is coming to the game in the near future. 


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