Fortnite streamer has car burned by alleged stalker

By Nicholas James


Jun 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A Fortnite streamer had her car burned in her driveway by an alleged stalker, according to a YouTube video released by the entertainer Kylee “Justfoxii” Carter.

Justfoxii is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber who focuses on Fortnite gameplay. Earlier this week, she published a video on YouTube detailing a frightening incident that took place at her home. In the video, Justfoxii shows video proof of the terrifying arson and discloses details about exactly what happened.

Justfoxii has car burned by viewer

According to Justfoxii, a Twitch viewer found out where she lived and drove over 700 miles in order to go to her Ohio house in person. Late one night, the viewer made his way into her driveway. This is where Justfoxii’s security camera footage comes in, as it details the man placing a container of flammable liquid on the nose of the car before lighting it on fire.

Justfoxii says she’d been dealing with stalker-esque behavior for almost a year before the incident. The man who lit the car on fire has been found and arrested and is in police custody in Ohio, awaiting a trial for felony aggravated assault charges. Foxii says she never expected to have to deal with stalkers and arson when she began streaming in 2015. Justfoxii wasn’t home at the time of the arson, and nobody was harmed by the blaze.

The incident quickly gained traction online and on social media, as the idea of an obsessed fan driving 700 miles to light a streamer’s car on fire was wild and shocking. The community response was overwhelming in support of Justfoxii, though unsavory voices did try to blame the streamer for the viewer’s actions. With the perpetrator in custody and trial incoming, this story will have to wait for any new or upcoming developments.