Fortnite Season 8 brings bizarre cubes to the island

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 15, 2021

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The Fortnite universe has taken an entirely new shape in Chapter 2 Season 8, with malicious cubes infesting the arena.

The lore in Fortnite is unfolding to be a bizarre and creepy one after the culmination of Season 7. The alien “invasion” brought a futuristic arena alive but these new bosses are more dangerous and peculiar. The battle between those aliens and the Imagined Order has ended, marking the return of Kevin the Cube with an entire army of six-sided creatures. 

Before the beginning of the season, players were stuck in a holding pen under the surveillance of Doctor Slone, who warned them about the alien’s next gambit. However, when things went south, Slone double-crossed the players and left them to perish on the Mothership. The destruction tossed the pieces of the alien ship and cubes included into the island. Kevin isn’t alone this time. Fortnite’s island is plagued with cubes that powered the Mothership.

What is The Sideways in Fortnite?

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The Cube has been a crucial part of Fortnite lore, and this time smaller cubes act as a portal to “The Sideways,” where players can enter a realm filled with mighty monsters and better loot. The dimensional rift will appear in random locations across the island and take players to a dark, malevolent, monster-filled reality.

Try finding the cubes around the remnants of the Mothership. You might find interesting items since some of the technology still works. 

“Gravity is very low in this mysterious world and the air is unfriendly to building. This world isn’t just colliding with our world. It’s bleeding into it,” Epic Games said. 

Season 8 brings new Sideways weapons

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Cube monsters are deadly but they’re not invincible. Beating them is tough, but with new challenges come the latest weapons curated to demolish the cubes. Sideways weapons can be found as loot, so these places present a different way to fortify yourself. These are weapons coming in Season 8. 

– Sideways Rifle 

– Sideways Minigun

These guns can be upgraded with Cube Monster Parts, which will be dropped each time you destroy an enemy cube. 

Punchcards return in Season 8

Punchcards make grinding through the battle pass super easy but they were pulled out of the game earlier. Now, the cards make a return in Season 8 to give players general goals to work toward and reward them with large chunks of XP upon hitting certain thresholds. The values for each mission are still unknown but it’ll certainly be rewarding. 


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