Fortnite Season 6 brings new maps, wolves, and Neymar to arena

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 16, 2021

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Fortnite’s Season 6 is upon us, and it brings tons of exciting in-game cosmetics, video game characters including Lara Croft, Raven from Teen Titans, and keenly awaited football star Neymar Jr.’s exclusive skin. 

The new season dubbed “Primal” kicked off on March 16, and it requires players to help Agent Jones stop reality from collapsing. The scenery sees tons of changes and the addition of new stuff to discover. 

Season 6 starts with a solo mission that sees players strive to cap off the season 5 storyline. The limited-time mode will be single player and will see players will help Agent Jones seal the Zero point, a ball of energy that has kept the Fortnite universe in a loop. While Agent Jones will be successful in this venture, the surrounding arena will turn Primal as a result of a big pulse from Zero point. The shock moves across the island, erasing cutting-edge technology. The destruction of modern tech leads to the season’s new theme, “Primal.”

Fortnite Season 6 map changes

Season 6 is all about the “Primal” theme that follows Zero Point crisis and its aftermath. The map has been changed slightly, bringing destruction to some locations added in Chapter 2, Season 5.

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Zero point’s pulse emission has destabilized the area to a massive extent. The Season 6 storyline continues on locations readjusted in Season 6. The update brings Colossal Crops, The Spire, and Boney Burbs for players to explore. 

Create your own weapons and tame pets in Fortnite season 6

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The Primal theme leaves players in a wild arena where they’ll fend for themselves from scratch. Among animals and abandoned land, players will be responsible for creating weapons out of destroyed material. Using loot from wildlife and technology untouched by the pulse, players can craft their weapons anywhere. Some of the weapons that can be created out of animal bones and high-tech include Primal Rifle, Revolver, and Classic Flame and Metal Bow. 

While Fortnite has seen all sorts of terrific creature and beasts, tameable pets will enter the game for the first time. Players can interact with animals in the game and utilize them to gather material for crafting. Wildlife roams around the island, ranging from prey like chickens and frogs to vicious predatory wolves. Hostile wolves may be dangerous at first, but taming them can earn you a partner to fight alongside you through the game’s challenges. 

Neymar Jr. is coming to Fortnite season 6

Season 5 was studded with superstars and pop-culture crossovers. Epic Games has continued the legacy in the new season and brings football star Neymar Jr. to the Fortnite arena. Numerous valuable skins and cosmetics were included in the season 6 update, but it’s Neymar’s skin that grabs the spotlight. 

The Brazillian soccer star is the first professional athlete to appear in Fortnite as a skin, but the game has earlier incorporated many sports-related cosmetics for players to indulge in. Previously, Fortnite had NFL Jerseys in the game and has partnered with soccer clubs to add custom kits to in-game outfits. 


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