Fortnite pro says competitive CSGO is better because players enjoy it

By Nick Johnson


Apr 5, 2020

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During an episode of the Fortnite podcast Hotline FN, pro Fortnite player Bumpaah gave a frustrated take on the current Fortnite competitive scene while claiming that the passion fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ have for their game is what competitive Fortnite is missing.

During a discussion surrounding Fortnite, its viewer base, and pro players dropping out of the game’s competitive scene, Bumpaah blamed the slowing of Epic Game’s battle royale on the idea that some might just be playing it for the massive cash prizes Epic has doled out over the past year.

In contrast, Bumpaah brought up Counter-Strike, the passion of its fans, and his own experience with game. Bumpaah’s argument was that players don’t play CSGO because they’re going to go pro, but because they genuinely love the game. With a story every CSGO player can relate to, Bumpaah shared his own experience in CSGO matchmaking to hammer his point home.

CSGO’s popularity is growing at a staggering rate

Bumpaah is right, and the statistics seem to back up his idea that CSGO players really do love the game. Counter-Stike broke another record on March 4, topping its all-time player count by about 10,000 players and setting the new record at 1,230,947.

At this rate, it’s likely the game will overtake Dota 2 for second place for the most concurrent players in a game. Currently, Dota 2 holds second place with a player count of 1,295,114.

Both are still a long way away from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds top spot. The battle royal should keep first-place title for a while longer. It posted a massive 3,257,248 concurrent player record just over two years ago, according to Steam Database.

Regardless, Counter-Strike doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. Even with Riot Game’s new FPS Valorant on the horizon. A report points to some massive changes for the Steam ecosystem that could bring CSGO to the long-awaited Source 2 engine.


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