Fortnite patch 10.10 nerfs the BRUTE, brings Retail Row rift zone

By Marta Juras


Aug 15, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite patch v10.10 is live and has implemented a new Rift Zone, a World Run game mode, and changes to the B.R.U.T.E.

During this patch, players will be able to participate in World Run, the new limited time mode where 16 players divided into four squads will race in coin collecting. The first team to collect 30 coins wins.

Mega Mall, the futuristic location on the Fortnite battle royale map made as a reconstructed Retail Row after the Volcano eruption last season, has been picked as the new Rift Zone and has as such returned to being Retail Row. The location now spawns hordes of fiends that attack players within it, just like during the last Halloween event. Killing fiends can provide loot that results in drops of ammo, consumables, or weapons.

The infamous BRUTE mech has received nerfs as anticipated. BRUTE now has a laser visible to both opponents and teammates, giving a visible trajectory of where its missiles are aimed. This should allow players to better avoid its deadly missiles at least some of the time. Moreover, the BRUTE’s spawn rates have been lowered, meaning they won’t be encountered nearly as often.

While there was a 100% chance for 1-3 mechs to spawn at the beginning, and 2-4 in the first storm, chances have now been lowered to 44% and 40% for 1-4 and 1-2 mechs, respectively. The chances of 1-2 BRUTEs spawning in the third storm were lowered from 66% to 40%, and a chance for one mech to spawn during the fifth storm is lowered from 10% to 3%.

They can also now spawn at any time during the match.

Additionally, the BRUTE’s self-destruct countdown has been increased to five seconds, and if abandoned in the storm they now destruct after 30 seconds and reappear after 15 seconds if not taken control of. The mech can now also be used in creative mode.

Although Epic Games pushed nerfs on the mecha, players aren’t satisfied as they want to see it removed from the game entirely. The developers have said that they’ll be keeping an eye on how the new changes will affect the mech’s gameplay.

The patch also featured many performance improvements and bug fixes across all platforms.


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