Fortnite Kratos skin leaked, Master Chief rumored for Season 5

By Steven Rondina


Dec 3, 2020

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With the Fortnite season themed around Marvel Comics done, Fortnite fans can now look forward to Chapter 2 Season 5.

With this new season being themed around “hunts,” two intriguing new skins are set to arrive. A few days after the titular character of Disney’s The Mandalorian series was confirmed as a character, Sony accidentally let slip that God of War lead Kratos will also be dropping in Fortnite in the near future.

The Playstation Store had a brief sponsored post that showed the new Kratos skin, and revealed it as a new addition for Chapter 2 Season 5. The skin is based on 2018’s God of War title on the Playstation 4, which sees an aged, war-weary Kratos trying in vain to carve out a peaceful life in Scandinavia.

Epic Games has not yet acknowledged the apparent leak of the skin, and it is unclear when the skin might come out.

Other details regarding the skin haven’t been shown and it is unclear what accessories might come with it. The most logical addition would be a new harvesting tool based on the Leviathan Axe used by Kratos in the newest God of War title, but there is no obvious option for a glider for the character.

Is the Master Chief from Halo coming to Fortnite?

Rumors suggest Master Chief is set to head to Fortnite in what could be a large event. Immediately after Sony leaked Kratos’ addition to Fortnite, images began circulating across social media that featured a full look at Kratos’ skin as well as those of another gaming icon. That gaming icon is the Master Chief from the Halo series. Images of a skin based on the supersoldier quickly flooded Twitter through a number of prominent Fortnite data miners.

Though the accessories for the Kratos skin are a mystery at the moment, images of the Master Chief skin came accompanied with a number of different other cosmetics. A glider based on the UNSC Pelican dropship used throughout the series was shown, as was an emote named Lil’ Warthog that showed a Fortnite character scrunched into a miniaturized version of the Warthog armored vehicle. One prominent Fortnite leaker stated that this would be part of a collaboration based upon Rooster Teeth webseries Red vs. Blue.

It is unclear if these skins are legitimate, but it would certainly be interesting to see the functional mascots of both the Playstation and Xbox brands coming together into one game. Once again, Epic Games has not officially acknowledged the skins but fans’ interest should be piqued. 


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