Fortnite is now officially an Olympic esport

By Nicholas James


May 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite is officially an Olympic sport, with a Fortnite shooting challenge being added into the Olympic Esports Finals.

Recently, the Olympics announced that it would be recognizing esports an official way by hosting the Olympic Esports Finals. It’s recently been announced that a custom Fortnite shooting challenge will be hosted by the Olympics during this event. Twelve players from the Fortnite Champion Series, Fortnite’s esports circuit, will compete for the gold, silver, and bronze medals sports fans know well.

Fortnite becomes an Olympic esport

Fortnite is officially an Olympic esport. The International Olympic Committee announced in early May that Fortnite would be accommodated at the first-ever Olympic Esports. Unfortunately, it won’t be a representative from every eligible country jumping out of the Battle Bus to fight for glory. It won’t even be featuring the game’s staple Battle Royale mode. Instead, 12 Fortnite professional players from the Fortnite Champion Series will be selected to make up the Olympic roster. These 12 will take part in a custom island with a shooting challenge. This is being dubbed the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Challenge.

The Olympics entering esports has been met with mixed reception, as many feel the challenges set by the IOC don’t accurately resemble the game. Given that the ISSF Challenge will be a brand new mode for the pro players, it’s hard to say it’s an accurate representation of Fortnite esports. Nonetheless, the IOC clearly already has its plans set, and they won’t be changing. The first-ever Olympic Esports Finals are taking place is Singapore from June 22nd to June 25th. The ISFF Challenge for Fortnite will happen on the 24th.

The Esports Series will include an eclectic collection of games, with no representation of huge games like League of Legends, Valorant, CSGO/CS2, and more. The Olympics seem to have a narrow focus for their initial esports debut and are unworried about what the rest of esports looks like when creating criteria.