Fortnite FPS mode is ready to drop

By Melany Moncada


Mar 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The Fortnite FPS mode is dropping soon. Reliable sources have confirmed that this new mode is ready for shipping.

Fortnite rise to popularity in 2017 with its innovative and fun gameplay. The game catapulted celebrities to stardom and had a thriving competitive scene with prize pools never seen before.

While the hype has somewhat died down, the game remains as popular as ever. In 2023, it seems like Fortnite is ready to reclaim its throne as one of the most popular games online.

Fortnite has had multiple iterations since its release. At various points, the game has added dozens of new pop culture crossovers and gotten rid of its trademark building mechanic. The FPS mode is the latest innovation for the game.

There are multiple sources of leaked footage. One shows a regular Battle Royale game in first person, and we can make the distinction because it has materials on screen.

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The other footage shows a “Free for All” text box that indicates that the first player to eliminate 30 wins. All skins seem to be available in this mode.

It makes sense for Fortnite to venture into this genre. Back in 2017, Battle Royale games were all the rage. In recent years, it’s all about FPS games. Valorant and CSGO are extremely popular titles at the moment, perhaps a result of the competitive scene. Since Fortnite stopped giving away millions of dollars in prizes, many professional players have lost interest in the title.  

Fortnite FPS release date

According to some sources, the Fortnite FPS mode is coming next season.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 was supposed to end on March 10. Epic Games changed the date, surprisingly dropping the update sooner. If the Fortnite FPS mode is to release with the next season, that would be as soon as March 9. Of course, the release date is based on speculations. Epic Games could take more time before releasing this highly anticipated mode.