Fortnite bug kicking players while reviving teammates investigated

By Quentyn Kennemer


Jul 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Developer Epic Games will soon fix a bug that boots you straight out of a Fortnite game when you try to revive a fallen teammate.

Footage of the bug on Reddit shows someone tries to pick their friend up, but instead of a lengthy channeling animation leading to their saving the day, a succinct message informs the player that they’ve eliminated themselves.

This issue hasn’t generated the same level of awareness as some of Fortnite’s earlier problems, likely because it may not be afflicting as significant a chunk of the community. Still, enough folks have chimed in on it to get Epic’s attention.

An Epic developer spent quality time in the thread to gather details from the reporting players. While there wasn’t immediate confirmation that proper fixes were already in the works, the developer did send details of the situation over to the relevant teams. Epic also posted the issue on its bug tracker, a sign that this sits high on the studio’s list of priorities.

Reproducing the bug doesn’t appear to be a simple matter, and there are no early hints about what’s causing it. One player mentioned their example occurred while teaming up with someone from a different region, but Epic hasn’t yet made public any of its own suspicions as to the cause.

Although there doesn’t yet seem to be widespread grief in the Fortnite community, a bug this bizarre and nasty warrants immediate investigation. It has the potential to spiral out of control if server mismatches are a fault. A rare client bug is less scary than one that permeates the game, but it still merits a look.

Epic has been quite busy since its team returned from a two-week vacation. Since that time, it has introduced new items, produced an absurd death battle, fixed one of Fortnite’s most hated bugs, and concluded a successful $30 million tournament. The schedule doesn’t slow down from here, with Fortnite Season 10 said to be on tap August 1.