Fortnite Arena and Trios modes removed

By Nicholas James


May 19, 2023

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Fortnite Arena and Trios modes have been removed from the game by developer Epic Games, angering some fans.

Fortnite has removed one of its game modes and one of its squad sizes from the game entirely after both had low play rates. Arena was removed in preparation for the upcoming new ranked mode, which will give a better experience for fans looking to hone their battle royale skills in a competitive environment. Trios has been removed as a valid group size, so teams of three players will have to fill their fourth slot or fight with a numbers disadvantage.

Fortnite Arena and Trios vaulted

The Fortnite Arena and Trios modes have been vaulted following the announcement of the new Ranked mode. Arena mode was previously as close as fans had to an official ranked experience for the battle royale game. With the introduction of ranked, there’s no need for a secondary game mode that gives a ranked-esque experience.

Ranked will cover both Build and No Build queues, and all group sizes will be supported. However, not all of the group sizes fans are used to are making it into the new patch. The Trios squad size is no longer a valid way to play the game, with Epic Games saying it was the least popular mode, and its removal would help speed up queue times.

Many fans have expressed their distaste for the removal of the Trios mode. With Arena, an alternative game mode was offered with the addition of ranked. For groups of three players, there’s no option for playing that doesn’t involve being outnumbered by other squads or filling their fourth slot.

However, it’s not out of the question for the game mode to return, as Epic Games often unvaults mechanics and game features that have been vaulted.


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