Forsen reveals the reason behind his Twitch ban in defiant rant

By Olivia Richman


May 12, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Four days after Sebastian “Forsen” Fors was banned from Twitch, the streamer has come forward with the reason behind his lengthy suspension. 

“I was banned for two weeks for saying ‘retarded Russians’ instead of ‘retarded people who can’t participate in voice comms in Valorant due to legal reasons,'” Forsen said on Twitter. 

When he was initially banned last week, Forsen took a while to make any official statement on the matter, leaving fans wondering why Twitch made the call. Now it seems that it was due to racist language, which is against Twitch’s community guidelines. The streaming platform labels racist language as “hateful conduct” since it promotes harassment or discrimination based on someone’s identity. This is something Twitch takes very seriously. Their “zero tolerance” policy on this type of violation led to a 14-day ban for the popular streamer. 

Many in the streaming community, including Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera, weighed in on the situation. Not many seemed to take pity on Forsen, since his use of “retarded” and his targeting of certain races during his toxic on-stream rant were blatant violations of Twitch’s guidelines. 

Before the ban, Forsen was grinding in Valorant and hoping to reach Valorant status. He was almost at Immortals, just one rank below Valorant, after streaming 146 hours of the game in 30 days. Forsen’s viewers were lashing out at him for playing Riot’s new first-person shooter so much, calling him a “sell out” due to the closed beta key drops taking over Twitch. Many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans and critics have also noted that the game is boring to watch and that the maps are a little too simple

Now that Forsen has been banned for two weeks, he will have to continue his grind off-camera. 


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