Former Valorant player pulls rarest CSGO knife in record time

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 9, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A Valorant player who switched to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has unboxed one of the rarest knives in the game’s history, dropping jaws across the FPS community worldwide. 

Skins in CSGO can cost an arm and a leg, but not if you’re lucky enough. Cheap boxes can turn any other person into a millionaire within a matter of seconds. Something similar has happened in CSGO, leaving seasoned players in utter shock. 

After opening about 200 cases, an 18-year-old player landed a field-tested Karambit Blue Gem pattern 875. Skin experts say the knife is worth more than $150,000 in cash. 

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Luckiest CSGO player unlocks a Karambit Blue Gem knife

While unboxing a Karambit Blue Gem is rare for anyone, players hadn’t expected it to happen for a “noob” player. The 18-year-old skin owner is new to CSGO, with merely 34 hours on record when he opened the knife. So, the event has left seasoned players seething in jealousy who’ve been trying to land valuable items for years. It’s worth noting that unboxing a simple knife is a rare occurrence in CSGO, leave alone one of the rarest ones.

If you’re wondering why the rarest knife in CSGO costs so much: The knife in question is valuable due to the scarcity of the blue pattern. According to experts, only nine registered similar builds are available, making this a commodity. Karambit Blue Gem is ranked as one of the highest-value items in CSGO. Considering a dupe of this knife sold for $118, this authentic item shouldn’t be sold for less than $200k.

Popular CSGO skin collector and streamer, Ohnepixel advised the new player to decline offers under $150k and aim for a bigger number. The 18-year-old is also planning on selling the knife and saving up the money for his parents.

According to the new skin owner, he came from Valorant, where he got banned for an unknown reason. However, he now plans on staying in CSGO. It remains to be seen what he does with the skin, but the best decision would likely be to hold on to the knife until CS2 releases. The prices may spike high due to Source 2’s visual luster, further enhancing the cosmetic items.