Former CSGO pro shroud is making his own survival game

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

After earning his stripes in esports and then streaming, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is now dipping his toes in game development. Project Astrid is shroud’s next passion project. 

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro and FPS streamer shroud has garnered a massive audience that takes his gaming ideas as gospel. Which game is a bop and which one is a flop? shroud’s opinion holds a lot of weightage. With years of FPS experience under his belt, his FPS mastership is respected across the gaming world. 

Now, the streamer is putting his experience and knowledge to good use. shroud has announced Project Astrid as his new game that is still under development. 

Taking to social media, shroud shared that he’s been working with Chris “Sacriel” Ball and Splash Damage to create his own game. He also talked in-depth about game development and why Project Astrid is a big deal for him. 

“Chris and I have refined a vision for what’s next in the survival genre, and with Splash Damage, we’re setting out to build it. We want to build the best survival game ever, and with Sacriel’s brain and Splash Damage’s team, I know we can do it,” shroud said. 

What is Project Astrid? 

Project Astrid is a AAA open-world survival game by shroud. Not much is known about the game so far, but fans have high expectations from the king of FPS. 

shroud is well aware of the needs of fans. Talking about Project Astrid, shroud revealed that he’s prioritizing gunplay, which means shooter fans are in for a treat. In the past, shroud has indicated that he enjoys the gunplay mechanics of both Apex Legends and CSGO, suggesting that he may prefer a similar style of gameplay for Project Astrid.

The streamer will reveal more about Project Astrid, but for now, fans are excited to see what the trio has planned. 


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