flusha may leave Fnatic to start new team with autimatic, suNny

Nick Johnson • January 8, 06:30

Timothy “autimatic” Ta, Robin “flusha” Rönnquist, and Miikka “suNny” Kemppi are reportedly working together and talking with organizations about becoming sponsored.

A report from DBLTAP states that multiple sources have said that the three players have approached several organizations about the prospective roster. Gen.G has publicly stated that it has allowed autimatic to seek other opportunities for the upcoming year, while suNny is in limbo on ENCE‘s bench. But while those two are on the market, the news of a possible split between flusha and Fnatic comes as a surprise. 

Is flusha leaving Fnatic?

Alongside autimatic and sunNy, the report also revealed that flusha, who helped lead Fnatic to an ESL Pro League Season 11 win in early 2020, might be leaving the storied organization. Despite flusha’s consistently strong play and the team’s early success in 2020, the roster sputtered throughout the rest of the year. If flusha departs Fnatic, it would mark the end of his fourth stint with the organization. 

Autimatic has been expected to continue on in CSGO or make a move to Valorant according to a December 14 tweet from the former Cloud9 star. Gen.G allowed its entire roster to field offers from other teams as it seemingly considers pulling out of CSGO entirely. While suNny hasn’t played with either man in the past, flusha and autimatic have played together before. The two led an international roster under the Cloud9 banner for nearly a year after the team’s post-Major rebuild in 2018.

The players have just over a month before the official start of the 2021 CSGO season. While BLAST Premier’s Global Finals start on January 19, fnatic, Gen.G, and ENCE did not qualify. That leaves IEM Katowice 2021 as the next major event on CSGO’s schedule, of which only flusha and fnatic have qualified for.


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