Floe gets banned from Twitch without even streaming

Olivia Richman • April 28, 2021 12:53 am

Veteran streamer Ari “Floe” Weintraub has been banned from Twitch even though he hasn’t recently been streaming on the popular platform. The streamer had not even been on Twitch for over five days when he received the suspension. 

Why was Floe banned from Twitch? 

It’s safe to say that many were confused by Twitch’s sudden ban. Floe had not even been on his own account in a few days when he received the notification from Twitch, according to Twitch Stats. So what was going on? 

According to Floe, the Twitch ban was for “hate speech.” Floe seemed a little confused by Twitch’s reasoning, but assumed it was from when he was “shit talking” with a friend on their channel. Floe could assum this because it’s the only place he’s appeared recently on Twitch. 

Fans noted that Floe had not even been as outspoken or offensive as the other two in that stream who ended up not receiving a ban. For this reason, many assumed the offensive language had been found in an old VOD on his account. 

Either way, Floe’s fans were not pleased with Twitch’s decision. Many fans from across social media stood up for the content creator, stating that Twitch mods were being much too sensitive. Despite the backlash to the decision, Twitch has not had any public response. For now, the ban appears to be set at a week long. 

Who is Floe?

Floe is well known within the fighting game community and was once sponsored by Evil Geniuses while competing primarily in Street Fighter games. While not a competitive player anymore, Floe has also made a name for himself as a streaming personality. His exploits streaming I Wanna Be the Boshy are among Twitch’s earliest popular highlights.


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