Fixes for connecting to your account bug in Minecraft Legends

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 19, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Having trouble connecting to your account in Minecraft Legends? We have three tips that will hopefully smooth out the process.

Mojang requires players to being connecting their account between Minecraft Legends and the original Minecraft to start playing online. However, there are a number of unexpected problems preventing players from doing so. It’s frustrating to get shut out of a game you just purchased, especially if it’s the deluxe version, but there are a few tricks that users have claimed can help.

Here are two fan-reported solutions to fixing your connection problem in Minecraft Legends.

Update Minecraft to fix connecting to your account in Legends

For some reason, players who have run into the account connection issue in Minecraft Legends have reported that the original Minecraft game may be to blame. Users on social media have stated that they have fixed the issue by opening up Minecraft in the Mojang launcher and updating that game to its current version.

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It’s not clear why this would solve the problem, as the accounts themselves should be unaffected by an update. However, for players who have tried everything else, it appears to be a valid solution. Open up the Mojang launcher and check for Minecraft updates. When they’re done, give it another try inside Minecraft Legends.

Check for Mojang server status

Unsurprisingly, a big issue that may be delaying Minecraft Legends account connection is the servers. The game’s launch has put a ton of stress on Mojang, and the company’s hardware appears to be struggling to keep up with all the new accounts, players, and online multiplayer sessions.

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If you’re still experiencing the connecting to your account problem, there are several websites that give updates to Mojang’s servers, which likely support Minecraft Legends. Check sites like this one or the official Mojang status social media account and try to register when all servers are reported as being up.

As time goes on, there will be fewer people trying to log in, which should make it easier to connect your accounts.