Five of the best cheap knives to buy in CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 18, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Cheap CSGO knives can help you show your style in the server without breaking the bank.

Knives are the ultimate flex in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You’re guaranteed to see your melee weapon every round when you run into action, so a nice custom skin is a clear upgrade. CSGO knives can get very expensive, but you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for a nice knife skin. These are the five best budget CSGO knife skins available on the community market.

Ursus Knife | Damascus Steel FT

The Ursus knife is considered a solid knife by skin aficionados, but you can grab some for cheap if you know where to look. The Damascus steel skin has always been overshadowed by the doppler and tiger tooth, but the Ursus gives it a new place to shine. The knife and finish pair up to make a great cheap CSGO knife.

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Field-tested is a good sweet spot for this skin at just over $100. The darker handle helps the high-carbon blade stand out, and the metal is still bright enough that it’s easy to look at. If you want to knock off an additional few dollars and give your skin a grungy look, go for a battle-scarred version.

Bowie Knife | Blue Steel BS

The Bowie knife is surprisingly cheap for how good it looks. The giant blade is perfect for uniform patterns. Despite its cheap price, blue steel is one of the best-looking finishes for budget CSGO knives. The battle-scarred versions take on a fascinating purple shade that can get surprisingly complex.

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The Bowie is your best bet for getting as much knife as possible without burning through your wallet. Battle-scarred versions are available for as little as $100. This specific knife is one of the few blue steels to not shoot up in price from well-worn to battle-scarred, making it ideal for budget shoppers.

StatTrak™ Falchion Knife | Autotronic MW

The Autotronic pattern looks great at any float, and minimal wear keeps most of the scratches on the handle. Slap it on a Falchion and you get a dope knife with tons of personality. The only way to upgrade such a great budget CSGO knife is with a StatTrak™ counter, which is definitely worth springing for.

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This knife is probably the best bang for your buck out of this entire list. A minimal wear Falchion Autotronic will run $195, which is almost a 50% discount from factory new. The non-StatTrak™ version of the knife sits at just $165 and looks equally good. Just tally your knife kills on a whiteboard or napkin instead.

Bowie Knife | Black Laminate BS

Battle-scarred knives are usually a disappointment, but there are a handful of exceptions. The black laminate finish gets extremely dark at high floats, giving them a unique vantablack look. The Bowie knife is the perfect model for the black laminate. 

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The massive surface area exudes a “murdered out” look, and the paint is still remarkably clean for a battle-scarred skin. The cheapest black laminate Bowie knife is just $140, and the field-tested version knocks another $20 off the market price.

Huntsman Knife | Freehand FN

Sometimes a cheap knife lets you take a step back and realize just how pretty some patterns are. The freehand is an excellent choice for a budget CSGO knife, as even factory new skins are dirt cheap. The freehand huntsman is one of the best budget CSGO knives on the Steam market.

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The graffiti-inspired freehand pattern demands a ton of surface area, and the huntsman is eager to oblige. A factory new will only set you back $156. Remember that freehand patterns are all over the place, so try to examine each knife from the market to find the perfect match for you.