First skin bundle for Valorant weapon Outlaw leaked

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 5, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The new Valorant weapon Outlaw is finally debuting in episode 8, and leakers have also dug out the first skin bundle called Throwback Pack for the new gun. 

Outlaw is making a debut in Episode 8, and since skins are a big part of Valorant, Riot wasn’t going to roll out a gun without exclusive cosmetics. Outlaw will have its own skin bundle called Throwback Pack. The two-bullet sniper is deadly but balanced. How it plays out on the field remains to be seen, but players are excited about new skins.

The new bundle is simple and is a collection of previously released deluxe-level skins. Since players would want to get a hang of the raw weapon, it’s likely better that Riot has opted for plain skins for Outlaw

Throwback Pack for Outlaw leaked

The Throwback Pack includes skins from the Prism and Ego collection, or at least they are too similar. Since both bundles were released without VFX or heavy animations, the same theme would also follow in the Throwback Pack. The new bundle merely adds a pop of color and style to the guns, but the skins don’t necessarily operate on the placebo effect. 

This means the skins will have the original Outlaw bullet audio, allowing players to get used to the feel and build of the weapon. 

The Throwback Pack includes five variants in green, pink, yellow, blue, and B&W colors. The price is currently unknown, but it shouldn’t cost any more than 1,775 per weapon.

While the simple guns have won the hearts of minimalists, not everyone’s a fan. Some are calling them lazy, while others think Riot should have gone for a big skin launch for the new weapon with something over-the-top like Reaver or Sentinels of Lights.