FaZe NiKo’s transfer to G2 Esports appears all but official

By Nick Johnson


Oct 24, 2020

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Reports from two outlets claim that FaZe Clan will transfer Nikola “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač to G2 Esports in the coming days.

Both teams have struggled in recent tournaments, but rumors of a deal for one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s best players have been making the rounds since first reported in mid-September. The terms of the reported contract have not been revealed. Despite the lack of public information, reports from FaZe’s initial acquisition of NiKo say the organization paid a massive $500,000 fee for one of CSGO’s most explosive player. As far as anyone knows, it remains the highest buyout ever paid to sign a professional CSGO player. Reports from both HLTV and 1pv.fr have both reported the deal is less than a week from being finalized.

NiKo to G2 transfer buyout expected to be the largest in CSGO history

Three years later, NiKo looks to eclipse that record. Reported figures range from $750,000 to a historic $1 million fee just for NiKo’s buyout, independent of whatever contract the Bosnian superstars received if and when his transfer from FaZe goes through. Ultimately, both teams need changes inside their core rosters to make a difference. NiKo’s arrival original transfer didn’t kick off what many thought would be a FaZe era. To this day and in spite of some success, FaZe is not defined by the tournaments they’ve won. In 2018, NiKo and his teammates allowed Cloud9 to run it back during the grand finals of the ELEAGUE Boston major, the closest the roster has ever come to winning one of CSGO’s most prestigious titles.

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G2 is already filled with capable players, but NiKo’s fresh pairing of textbook CSGO and deadly aim make G2 the clear winners in this scenario. NiKo will most likely take the place of G2’s François “AmaNEk” Delaunay, who has struggled during both G2’s successes and failures. NiKo’s experience on CSGO’s biggest stages combined with monster clutch potential makes him an upgrade for almost any team looking to make a change. In the meantime, FaZe will have to scour the free agent market for someone to integrate into a roster that still hasn’t find a consistent identity nearly three years after its formation.

G2, possibly with NiKo in tow, is set face FURIA in BLAST Premier’s Fall series on November 2.


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