FaZe Ewok opens up about being groomed and sexually harassed

By Olivia Richman


Aug 26, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Fortnite pro Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler has come forward with grooming allegations against an anonymous predator. 

Ewok is a well-known deaf Fortnite personality who was signed with FaZe Clan when she was only 13 years old. The first female FaZe Clan member has over 300,000 followers on Twitch. While most people watch her play for her skills and positive personality, there are unfortunately some people who have shown to have had ulterior motives. 

In a TwitLonger, Ewok opened up about a 17-year-old who started allegedly grooming her when she was 13. What started as playful and fun conversations about shared interests soon became inappropriate and sexual in nature.

Ewok admitted she had low self-esteem at the time and wasn’t aware that sending photos to a “friend” was wrong. This started alienating her from her family since she was afraid to tell her parents in fear that they would be disappointed in her. 

“For a while, I was depressed, my mind was closed, I wouldn’t talk to anybody at all. I told that guy all about the mindset I had and we faded after that. I never told my parents, friends, and people about him,” Ewok recalled.

When she was 14 years old, the anonymous man started talking to her again. She forgave him for what had happened previously and they connected over Snap Chat. While under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the man allegedly told Ewok that he sometimes “jerks off” to her photos and videos. He then became more aggressive, asking her for nude photos and sending her photos of his own genitals. 

Fortnit streamer Ewok speaks on sexual harrassment allegations

“I felt like everything was my fault and took the blame. Later then, I told my friend about my whole experience, explaining everything, and I realized I was blinded by morality. I am really mortified, disgusted at myself and him,” Ewok said. 

The young Fortnite streamer said that she felt taken advantage of. Because of the individuals’ actions, she is now uncomfortable around men. Ewok then urged schools to educate students about grooming and sexual harassment, since she felt she was never talked to about this herself. 

“Nobody deserves to go through this. I needed to get this out of my chest. Thank you for reading my experience. I never told anybody my experience until now and recent,” Ewok said, noting that the man was staying anonymous for now. 

After sharing her story, Ewok received a lot of support from the gaming community. When some followers tried to put the blame on Ewok for talking to an older man, most stood up for her, stating that adults shouldn’t engage in that kind of conversation with minors. 

Ewok shared her story soon after over 200 people in the gaming and streaming community have spoken out with their stories of alleged sexual assault, rape, grooming, and harassment. With so many people sharing their own experiences, some communities have called on Twitch to formally act. This includes the demand for Twitch’s CEO to be dropped after it was revealed he hadn’t take a story of sexual harassment seriously. 


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