Palworld is getting four new Pals this summer

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 29, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The latest trailer has revealed that Pocketpair Games’ Palworld is getting four new Pals, a new area, and weapons.

Palworld is a Pokemon-like adventure game that spawns the player into a visually pleasant world filled with monsters and adorable creatures called “Pals.” You can collect these Pals and tame them for combat — among other questionable things. Despite its similarities with a game that already exists, Palworld has found its own footing, becoming quite popular among its players. 

Now, Pocketpair is introducing more updates. On April 30, the developer announced the addition of a new area, Pals, and deadly weapons. 

What are the four new Pals in Palworld?

Palworld will have four new Pals, including a frog with a stick, who’s equipped with some great combat moves. 

The trailer takes us to a mysterious new location, possibly Japan, with its cherry blossom trees and shrines. It then introduces us to the new Pals, whose names are yet to be revealed. The anticipation is high, but one thing is certain: Pals are visually stunning. 

First, there’s a frog with a combat stick practicing new moves on lush grass. It’s also wearing a robe, which is pretty cute. Next is an ostrich-like bird, which can be seen running really fast. This Pal is also dressed to the nines in a fancy cap and a cape. A fox-like creature with human arms looks the most fierce out of all. The roster wraps up with a dragon-like Pal wearing a mushroom hat. 

The names and details of these Pals are currently unknown, but players should know more soon. Besides this, the game will also get two new weapons in this update. Again, details haven’t been shared, but they are certainly a flamethrower and laser rifle. 

Pocketpair did not share a release date for the new Pals. Rest assured, all of this will go live in Summer 2024.