Young Fortnite streamer Ewok signs on with FaZe Clan

By Melany Moncada


Jul 29, 2019

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13 year-old Fortnite player Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler has joined FaZe Clan.

The best Fornite players in the world were gathered in New York City for the Fortnite World Cup. Just hours after the official duos tournament concluded, FaZe Clan made an exciting announcement: Ewok had officially joined the organization.

Ewok makes history with FaZe Clan


Ewok is not only the first deaf Fortnite player to make it to the big stage, she’s also the first female content creator to join FaZe Clan.

“Welcome to FaZe, you’re incredible, you inspire me. First girl ever in FaZe, I’m glad we held out this long. You’re perfect,” said co-owner Ricky “FaZe Banks” Banks on Twitter.

The 13-year-old streamer is joining one of the strongest content creation networks in the gaming industry. FaZe Clan has been facing some controversy in the past few months, but the reach and impact of the organization is undeniable.

“I am so very excited to be in FaZe. The quality of people on the team, everybody is really wonderful, so FaZe up,” Ewok said in a video on Twitter.

Ewok’s rise to the top of Fortnite


Ewok has been streaming for the better part of eight months. Her first big break came when Timothy “TimtheTatman” Betar hosted her on Twitch. Ewok’s life completely changed after that day. Months after that host, Ewok and TimtheTatman met in person.

Her audience grew drastically, and as of right now she has almost 200,000 followers on Twitch and over 110,000 on Twitter. Her numbers will likely only get better now that she’s under FaZe Clan’s umbrella. Ewok is an advocate for the deaf community, but also an outstanding Fortnite player.

So far, Ewok has attended the Fortnite Block Party, the Fortnite World Cup, and multiple editions of the Celebrity Pro-AM tournament. In the most recent event, she competed alongside actor and streamer Jordan Fisher. The duo finished 25th and earned $20,000 for the charity of their choosing.


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