FaZe Clan versus mousesports ESL Pro League betting analysis

By Nick Johnson


Sep 2, 2020

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mousesports will take on FaZe Clan in their opening matchup of ESL Pro League Season 12.

FaZe Clan versus mousesports could be a measuring stick for both of these teams after subpar performances from each at ESL One Cologne. FaZe’s addition of Markus “Kjærbye” Kjærbye has had another week to gel and his first week of real games against tier-one competition to review. This should lead to an increased floor for the international teams as site entries become smoother and the roster’s positions and responsibilities become more set in stone. FaZe’s stars should also find a better level of play as their new teammate finding his place in the server.

While FaZe adjusts to Kjærbye, mousesports will have to do some adjusting of its own. The team benched Özgür “woxic” Eker after being eliminated from Cologne and put the AWP back into the capable hands of Chris “chrisJ” de Jong. That benching had nothing to do with the AWPer’s in-game performances and instead was made due to the player’s attitude. This change has the potential to give a struggling mouz team a honeymoon period and a surprise win against a favored opponent.

On the other hand, it could cause the team to struggle more. Even during mouz’s summer slump, woxic was a standout performer. Mouz has brought in FaZe castoff Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras to stand in for the AWPer, a move that introduces another set of unknowns to the team. While WIN.gg was impressed with mouz’s performances despite its early ESL One Cologne exit, fans should see another match where mouz struggles against a FaZe team with one more tournament under its belt with a new player.

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With Bymas under the watchful leadership of mouz IGL Finn “karrigan” Andersen, bettors should consider the player’s comments regarding the amount of freedom he feels he has under the German organization.

“karrigan’s goal right now is to get me into my comfort zone as much as possible by giving me freedom and letting me play the positions that I like playing the most,” Bymas said to HLTV.

FaZe should take mousesports, but Bymas shakes things up

That freedom could be both a blessing and a curse for betters as mouz’s outcome against FaZe now hinges on the performance of the young Bymas as the team lets him off his leash. In terms of map pools, mouz may tend towards aim-heavy maps like Mirage and Dust 2 where Bymas’ explosive potential could shine. But those maps also set up Faze for a winning day with its own legendary aim era.

mousesports best maps

  • Overpass: 1-0, 100%
  • Nuke: 1-2. 33%
  • Train: 1-1-3, 20%

FaZe Clan best maps

  • Inferno: 2-1, 66.7%
  • Train: 2-1 66.7%
  • Overpass: 1-1 50%

Lines heavily favorite FaZe here for good reason, but a tosser on mousesports may not be a bad idea as both teams begin their Pro League seasons. Despite being full of stars, FaZe didn’t look great at ESL One Cologne and showed vulnerabilities that an experienced IGL like karrigan could exploit. FaZe is currently sitting at 1.37 to mousesports 2.85 on Winners.bet, a line that takes into account mousesports’ recent struggles and gives FaZe’s stars the edge.

But in terms of upset potential, some does exist in this matchup. Considering that FaZe has a tendancy to underestimate its opponents alongside mousesports unknown factor in Bymas, a flyer on mouz could be worth the risk.

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Betting against mousesports on pistol rounds is a great option regardless of the line. The German organization is currently ranked in the bottom five for pistol round wins. The lines reflect that, but there’s little shame in betting along with the statistics. While Bymas does bring some firepower in that regard, both karrigan and Chris “chrisJ” de Jong are in the bottom five over the past year in pistol round performance.

FaZe Clan will take on mousesports at 5:00 PM EST over the ESL CSGO’s Twitch channel.


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