FaZe banks gambling

FaZe Banks responds to illegal offshore gambling accusations

By Olivia Richman


Oct 14, 2021

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FaZe Clan is being accused of sketchy behavior once again. This time it’s co-owner Ricky “Banks” Bengston, who accused of being involved with illegal gambling activities.

Earlier this month, YouTuber Coffeezilla accused online gaming company Roobet’s owner of also owning giveaway company Wizza. People in the streaming community have now accused FaZe Banks of being involved with Roobet as well, since he recently flew with Adin Ross to Mexico after receiving $2 million to promote Roobet. What has confused fans is that Roobet isn’t even available in the United States, making Banks’ promotion seem odd.

Some fans brought up that FaZe Banks has been involved in Counter-Strike gambling in the past and theorize that Banks may be addicted to the activity. Some even believe that the owners of Roobet and Wizza are just Banks’ puppets.

With so many scandals coming out of FaZe Clan over the past many months, including multiple players being involved in a pump and dump crypto scheme, it has seemed probable to some fans that other shady things could be happening in the esports organization. But FaZe Banks has come forward to deny these latest allegations.

FaZe Banks addresses illegal gambling accusations

FaZe Banks recently appeared on the BFFs podcast alongside Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy to discuss the recent accusations.

Banks confirmed that he was involved with Roobet, along with other YouTubers and esports personalities. He explained that he did a one-month “stint” with the company, which involved those individuals receiving flights by jet to Mexico. But Banks added that they did it all 100% legally.

“I’m as legit as it gets,” Banks said.

Banks went on to admit that he was “paid fat” for promoting Roobet. But Banks expressed once again that nothing illegal went down and that he is confused as to what exactly the latest accusations are about.

Banks stated that neither he nor anyone else involved with Roobet told viewers to download a VPN to get access to the site. He also explained his crypto activity in an attempt to show that nothing sketchy had happened, including going through his “finance people” to buy $200,000 worth of Ethereum.

While viewers some seemed to react positively to the episode, others in the gaming community are still skeptical of Banks and FaZe Clan’s activities. After hearing Banks discuss how he plans to make $15 million in NFTs in another podcast, some less trusting fans felt he was using NFTs to “clean” his offshore gambling money.


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