Fans aren’t happy with new uniforms

Steven Rondina • August 8, 2018 11:01 pm

Virtus Pro is going to look very different heading into events like The International 2018 and the FACEIT Major: London, but not because of any roster moves.

The Russian organization revealed a new jersey and logo, ditching its traditional black and orange colors in favor of a new green and purple look. Check it out:

Initial reactions from fans were resoundingly negative, with many saying they missed the previous color scheme and didn’t like the new color pairing. Virtus Pro did receive some praise from within the industry for going with a unique look instead of one shared with other esports organizations.

Though the debate over whether the new jerseys are better or worse will surely carry on, we do know that the change was made as part of a new sponsorship deal with Russian telecom company MegaFon, and that a new logo is also coming soon. Alongside the announcement on Twitter, Virtus Pro General Manager Roman Dvoryankin posted a statement about the team’s new look on the organization’s official site.

“As part of our partnership starting from The International 2018 and until the end of the year all our line-ups will represent MegaFon brand colors,” Dvoryankin said. “Our logo will change accordingly, as well. As early as November, in celebration of 15th anniversary, we will reveal the changes to the team’s image starting from 2019 onward.”

Though the first look at the new uniforms wasn’t well-received, the team will hope to deliver something better liked come 2019.


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