Killjoy valorant

Fan turns plain white Stan Smiths into Killjoy party shoes

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s crafty agent Killjoy has some pretty creative fans, and this new hand-painted pair of Stan Smiths proves it. 

According to Valorant lore, Killjoy has contributed much to weapon inventory, map designs, and agent peripherals. The jolly agent is a genius who’s dexterous and creative. Her fans are just like her it would seem, and a video posted to social media shows the results.

Valorant agent Killjoy is known for her innovative ideas. Whether it’s her in-game strategies or her cutting-edge equipment now attached to Brimstone’s arm, Killjoy is the master of creation. It seems Valorant players are also highly impressed by Killjoy as they’ve started on their own hard work. Valorant player Zyeus has transformed a plain old pair of Stan Smiths into Killjoy-inspired party shoes. 

With the help of some craft materials, the Valorant fan elevated the simple footwear into something Killjoy herself might wear to a battle. The artist sketched a Killjoy image on one side of the shoes and colored it in with glow-in-the-dark water paints. He then pasted a Killjoy turret sticker on the other side, completing the perfect pair of Killjoy Stan Smiths.

The final product was then placed in a dark room, and the results were breathtaking. The shoes glowed in the dark, just like Killjoy’s nano swarms. The artist received tons of appreciation from the fans who quickly requested to sell similar pairs on commission. Not just that, but Riot Diff, an employee at Valorant developer Riot Games, also acknowledged the artwork.

This isn’t the first time a Valorant player has created custom artwork around an agent. Previously, a die-hard fan went as far as to create a Killjoy statue that looked precisely like Riot’s animated version. This Killjoy artwork was most likely the best one so far, but these new Stan Smiths are indeed worth checking out. 

Is Killjoy a good agent in Valorant? 

Killjoy may not be the most entertaining agent to play for some players, but she’s likely the most balanced one so far. The Sentinel agent has a deadly kit that is a must-have on large locations. Using her ultimate and Turrets, players can lock down vast areas single-handedly, making her a viable pick on Breeze, Ascent, and Haven.