Fan recreates Valorant map Split with a realistic touch

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 26, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

A fan has recreated Valorant’s Split in a realistic and sinister fashion. The fan’s preview is way different than the original Riot’s Split in terms of colors and aura. 

u/D112235 created a detailed preview of Split’s attacker side with dark undertones. As haunting as the image was, the realistic preview and intricate design was nothing short of incredible. According to the creator, the sole image took him more than an hour to render high quality and in detail. 

The attacker side in the creator’s design is entirely in contrast with Riot’s Split. The image depicts how the map would look at night time while originally, the map is set in the daytime. Riot’s Split is bathed in bright tones of green and clean blue sky, whereas the recreation is a mix of dull colors. Simply put, it’s Split in night mode with a touch of reality. 

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Minute details are the most noticeable part of this recreation. The neon blue reflection in the water looks almost real in the high definition image. The art style in the picture is also in contrast with the Valorant’s juvenile style art that players are accustomed to. 

The developer has created the game in a style that varies a lot from other FPS games. The agents, maps, and weapons are far from realistic and have a cartoonish touch to them. However, the fan’s preview looks like something that players would see in Valve’s FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that favors many realistic graphics. 

Is Split a defender-sided map? 

Split was part of the original maps that were released in Valorant beta. The map is relatively simpler than other locates in Valorant with ziplines and teleporters. 

However, Split’s design makes it a bit tough for attackers to enter a site. We know that a map favors defense when it has enclosed passageways and limited entries to bomb point. It becomes challenging for attackers to carry out fast pushes in such areas.

However, it’s crucial to notice that Split has a small field in general, making it easier for the attackers to plan fake strategies and rotate quickly. With the addition of new agents such as Skye, Killjoy, and Reyna, turning Split into an attacker-sided map can become incredibly easier. 

Using duelists such as Reyna and Jett makes it easier for attackers to get an entry on-site. The addition of agents with unique abilities has impacted the map scheme to an extent where it’s hard to say whether Split is still a defender-sided map or not. 


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