Fan brings CSGO map Inferno to life with a 3D printed model

By Fariha Bhatti


May 22, 2021

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A fan took his love for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map Inferno to a whole new level by bringing it to life.

CSGO fans can be highly creative when it comes to showcasing their love for Valve’s shooter. CalebTimoteo recreated Inferno’s B site into a real-life 3D version, and fans can’t help but heap praises on his art. 

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Caleb’s Inferno looked slightly different from the in-game B site due to a minor error during the printing process. His printer failed to create the pillar area, but he decided to keep it that way because the rest of the product was impeccably clean. Caleb’s version of the B site looks more like the older Inferno design with wooden shelters and lacks a dark area. Coffins also look quite different, whereas one pillar towards the dark is shattered into pieces. While it’s a glitch from the printer, the broken shaft does add a cool touch to the clean white design. 

The creator revealed that the project didn’t take long to complete. He was able to reach the end product within eight hours. The sleek marble-like Inferno may have taken more time to complete if he chose to spray-paint it, which many fans requested. The creator has promised to try to paint the blank Inferno to add a more realistic touch. 

Caleb isn’t stopping here. After the tremendous support, he confirmed that he’d start working on Dust 2, Mirage, and Nuke next. 

Is Inferno a CT sided map? 

Inferno is a balanced map but it inclines more towards the terrorist side when it comes to the win ratio. Retaking a site on Inferno as Counter-Terrorists can be challenging due to the choke points and hiding angles at both locations. However, Inferno is one of the oldest maps in CSGO so there are hundreds of methods to tip the balance in your favor as CTs. 

Players can easily name the select iconic maps in CSGO on the tip of their fingers. There are very few locations that left a lasting impression on the players of Valve’s shooter. Inferno is also listed as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s one of most played maps due to its history. It was first added in CS 1.6 as an abandoned residence set in the evening and was developed into an architectural masterpiece over the years. Due to its long duration in CS in general, players have found thousands of tactics to make Inferno a fun map to play. 


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