Famous streamer m0E interrupted by daughter turning off PC

Quentyn Kennemer • August 8, 17:00

Popular Twitch streamer Mohamad “m0E” Assad was playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on stream recently, but the fun came to an abrupt end when his daughter crept into the scene.

It was just after a failed quick scope attempt that she innocently struck the power button on his PC. His team was winning the game 12-6 at the time of the accident.

Thankfully, m0E has a separate streaming PC, so the interruption wasn’t totally disruptive. Twitch chat reacted with laughter as the picture that once contained CS:GO gameplay blacked out entirely.

Onlookers might have expected the man known for his rage to flip out in anger, a common occurrence in a stream usually filled with over-the-top reactions. But seeing that it was his daughter who committed the act, he seemed much more patient about it. He opted to check up on her wellbeing as she had apparently demanded his immediate attention.

It’s a reminder that, for many streamers, family and real life obligations come first.

Those privy to m0E’s sketchy history were expecting a more toxic reaction. He’s notorious in the streaming world for various behavioral issues in the past, including using hateful language on stream, an act that prompted Twitch to issue him a 30-day ban.

The CS:GO personality and former pro player also drummed up controversy when he admitted to shady dealings with online gambling company CSGO Diamonds, who had paid him to play games on stream. Streamers accept these deals all the time, but CSGO Diamonds offered him inside information to increase his chances of winning, a ploy to ensure m0E broadcasted enough profitable sessions to entice viewers to try their hand.

To m0E’s credit, he has spent a great deal of effort to improve as a person, even if some would say he’s doing it more to save face than genuine attempts to change. And while this warmhearted stream moment alone doesn’t prove that change has fully manifested, it exposes a more human side of m0E that might win him the benefit of the doubt if he’s ever caught in another scandal.


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