FalleN asks fans to stay home as president calls virus a “trick”

By Nick Johnson


Mar 25, 2020

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Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo asked fans to stay inside last night after Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro called the rapid spread of the coronavirus a “trick” and a “fantasy.”

FalleN pleaded with his Brazilian fans, telling them that they risked infecting others if they didn’t stay inside.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro addressed his nation on the evening of March 24, saying that he “wouldn’t feel anything” if he caught the virus while seemingly downplaying what the World Health Organization has classified as a pandemic. FalleN didn’t buy it, and took to Twitter to ask his fans to understand the gravity of the situation.

“Guys, it seems the coronavirus is more serious than we thought. The president’s speech today went against all the measures that [the rest of the world has taken.] Shot himself in the foot,” Fallen said.

Brazil’s COVID-19 cases grow as FalleN reaches out to fans

As of 4 p.m. March 24, Brazilian authorities had listed the number of cases at 2,201 infected with more than forty deaths. Fallen urged his Brazilian fans not to leave their homes, and asked them to focus on the damage they could accidentally cause.

“If you can, don’t leave your home. I understand the fears of a recession and the economic damage that the whole world will suffer from having to shut down for so long, but during these times I believe that the most ethical and humane thing [we can do] is to think about saving as many lives as possible,” Fallen said. “Here where we live [in Los Angeles], everything has been paralyzed. Nothing is open. Only markets and pharmacies… The worst of the virus is yet to come. Take care.”

FalleN made reference to Los Angeles in his tweet, home to MIBR and several other esports teams, including Cloud9 and Team Liquid. Team Liquid was ahead of the curve on the coronavirus, closing down its Alienware Training Facility on March 13. TL owners Steve Arhancet and Victor Goossens said that they didn’t want Liquid’s staff or players to feel as though they to choose between coming to work and staying healthy.

FalleN to offer tenants rent deal amid coronavirus outbreak

In addition to living and working in the United States, FalleN rents out several properties in the country. After receiving an email from his landlords offering him the option to pay only half his total rent and an installment plan, the in-game leader and AWPer said that he would offer a similar opportunity to those that rent from him.

“Yesterday we received an email from the firm that manages the apartment I live in here in the USA. They gave us the option to pay half the rent in installments,” FalleN said. “Thank God I had the opportunity to build two houses that I started renting at the beginning of the year. I will offer something like this to my tenants. I don’t need their rent money to survive in the short term. Anyone who can help by [pausing collection] at this moment needs to do so.”

FalleN ended his plea with the simple fact that just because his followers are young and healthy now doesn’t mean that the coronavirus doesn’t also affect them.

“It is no use [thinking it “can’t happen to me” because you’re young.] You can infect your family and others,” he said.

For more information about the coronavirus outbreak and how you can avoid it, click here to go to the Center for Disease Control’s COVID-19 information section.


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