FACEIT announce Premium Pass for London Majors

Steve Vegvari • September 13, 17:11

FACEIT has announced a Premium Pass for the London Major. As the tournament moves on to the Legends Stage, subscribed Twitch viewers will be given access to exclusive content for the duration of the London Major.

Starting on September 12, viewers will be able to subscribe to the FACEIT Twitch channel with a one time $9.99 payment. The sub will open up a wide range of perks and exclusive contents throughout the tournament.

Included in the subscription will be customization tools to enrich the viewing experience. Interactive scoreboards and individual player stat screens will be made available. Viewers are able to customize the crosshairs and set the mini-map size to their preference, plus gain access to exclusive player interviews and other content.

Over the course of the Legends Stage and Champions Stage, viewers will have access to 11 different feeds. Viewers will be able to toggle through each player or keep up with the official caster feed throughout the games, or a combination of the two. All feeds will be linked through Twitch.

Premium FACEIT emotes and a premium chat channel will also be made available for subs.

While the FACEIT Premium Pass is not the first Twitch-based content subscription of its kind, it is the first for the Counter-Strike community. Previously, Blizzard announced the Overwatch All-Access Pass with similar perks and benefits on Twitch.

Even DreamHack has rolled out their Digital Pass for DreamHack Masters Stockholm. Though not officially supported by Twitch, DreamHack found a way to supply exclusive content through a partnership with Znipe.

As event holders look to increase revenue from tournaments, it’s likely we’ll see more such premium passes in the future.

The FACEIT London Major’s Champions Stage will begin on September 20.


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