Explaining the 2020 Summer Split watch rewards, drops, missions

By Melany Moncada


Jun 24, 2020

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The Summer Split has officially started and the LoL watch rewards are back and better than ever before.

Fans that watch professional play, no matter the region of the games watched, can opt in for exclusive LoL watch rewards. The watch missions are split into four tiers, and each tier has its own requirements and rewards.

  • Tier one: Watch one game, earn a Hextech key, and a Hextech chest.
  • Tier two: Watch five games, earn a Hextech key, and a Hextech chest.
  • Tier three: Watch ten games, earn emote “It was me!”
  • Tier four: Watch 15 games, earn a Hextech key, and a Hextech chest.

In total, viewers must watch 21 games. This number is achievable during a single weekend, as both LEC and LCS have at least ten matches every weekend. Viewers have until the end of the split to complete the missions.

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How to earn LoL watch rewards?

Earning rewards for watching is easy. All you have to do is log into the LoL Esports website using your Riot Games account. Once you’re logged in, simply watch any of the broadcasts live. The website allows viewers to pick between different broadcasts that are live at the same time. Viewers can also pick between streams on Twitch and YouTube, and there might be different language options depending on the region.

For a game to count a game as being watched, viewers must watch at least ten minutes of the game. This also applies to match replays, which do count towards mission totals. Users can even leave matches on in the background if they want to earn the related rewards without actually sitting and watching the required number of pro games.

LoL watch drops

Earlier this month, Riot announced the inclusion of sponsored drops into the LEC and LCS broadcasts. According to the announcement, the sponsored drops would be available beginning on June 26 at the start of the third week of competition in Europe and North America, respectively.

Every time a memorable moment, such as a baron steal or a pentakill, takes place, fans watching live will receive a drop. These drops will include rewards like blue essence, skin shards, chromas, and Clash tickets. Viewers from all regions can access the sponsored drops while watching either the LEC or LCS.


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