Excel Esports parts ways with Caedrel before LoL 2021 shuffle

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Excel Esports and jungler Marc “Caedrel” Lamont have chosen to part ways after working together since the end of 2018 where Excel entered the LEC franchise. 

Caedrel has been Excel’s top star over the past two seasons and has been leading the team despite not posting any notable results. Excel started out its LEC journey by placing at the bottom of both 2019 splits but managed to do a bit better in 2020. Excel nearly reached the playoffs in the 2020 LEC Summer Split but fell short and ended up in seventh place. 

Besides being a professional jungler, Caedrel has recently made an appearance on some of the biggest League of Legends broadcasts as a caster and analyst. Most recently, he appeared on the analyst desk throughout the 2020 World Championship and even got to cast some games during the play-in stage.

What is the next step for Caedrel in the 2021 LEC season? 

The popular jungler will officially be up for grabs on November 16 when the player free agency window begins. Alas, fans won’t be seeing him for a bit as he took to Twitter after Excel’s announcement to state he was taking some time away from the game.

Caedrel has been playing professionally for over five years now, with his first appearance on the big stage in 2018 EU LCS Spring Promotion, where he qualified with FC Schalke 04. Since then, he has been playing on teams such as H2k Gaming, NiP, and LDLC. 

Though Caedrel probably has the skills to continue playing in the LEC or LCS, he stated that his time on the Worlds 2020 broadcast team made him rethink some things. This could mean that he’s set to permanently transition into a role outside competition. Many fans have praised him during his recent work on the Worlds broadcast and a move to broadcasting would likely be received well. All that said, a return to play isn’t out of the question.

If Caedrel is planning to return to the broadcast, it will likely be at the start of 2021 when LEC kicks off again. 


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