Evil Geniuses is your 2023 VCT Champions winner

By Melany Moncada


Aug 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Evil Geniuses is the winner of VCT Champions after taking down Paper Rex.

EG is taking the VCT Champions trophy home. EG’s Cinderella story started earlier in the year. The North American squad has been improving slowly but surely. In Tokyo, EG came close to the title, but it was Fnatic who put an end to their dream.

In Champions, EG’s performance improved gradually. In the semifinals, EG stumbled against Paper Rex, but that was just a small bump in the road. In the lower bracket, EG faced Loud, who came close to pulling off a reverse sweep. EG ended up taking the win and secured its spot in the finals.

VCT Champions Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses defeats tournament favorite to win VCT Champions

EG made it to the finals as the underdog. After PRX’s decisive win in the semifinals, it looked like a done deal. However, the North American squad wouldn’t go down without a fight.

It became clear that whoever set the pace of the match would end up winning it all. Early in the series, EG took control of the rhythm, playing fast or slowing down according to their needs.

PRX, which is known for its aggressive and unpredictable plays, couldn’t find the right angles. EG’s star Max “Demon1” Mazanov wouldn’t let PRX breathe. He was everywhere; no shot was impossible for Demon1.

The series would be decided on Lotus, EG’s map. It was the moment for Kelden “Boostio” Pupello and Alexander “jawgemo” Mor to shine. As the only duelist on EG’s side, jawgemo understood his assignment, he needed to get the plays done.

EG accelerated the game, playing even more aggressively. PRX was against the rope but still had some energy in them. The number one from the Pacific League fought hard and almost took the map. In the end, EG got the final point the needed to take the map and the title.