Evil Geniuses dominates Gen.G to win CS Summit 6 North America

By Nick Johnson


Jul 6, 2020

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Evil Geniuses made the most of its one-map advantage, demolishing Gen.G 3-0 in North America’s regional CS Summit 6. While Gen.G continued to show that it has difficulties communicating during tense moments, Evil Geniuses looked completely at home in Valve’s second online Regional Ranking tournament.

In fact, EG hasn’t looked this good since their short run at the top in 2019 after the roster’s transfer from NRG Esports. The roster, featuring North American vets and young players alike, dropped only a single map over the course of CS Summit 6. That was in EG’s first match, a 2-1 win over FURIA in EG’s first game of the tournament.

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Evil Geniuses vs. Gen.G CS Summit Picks and Bans

  1. Gen.G removed Overpass
  2. Evil Geniuses removed Mirage
  3. Gen.G picked Train
  4. Evil Geniuses picked Inferno
  5. Gen.G picked Vertigo
  6. Evil Geniuses picked Nuke
  7. Dust2 was left as the decider

Gen.G couldn’t take Train against a rolling Evil Geniuses

While Gen.G thought they had out-strategized Evil Geniuses in the veto, their Train pick turned out to be disastrous by round four. After losing the map’s first three rounds, Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov led EG to what became a dominant CT half. EG pulled off a ridiculous 11-1 run to end the half 11-4.

EG continued the thrashing of its opponents on the T side, winning five in a row to take Gen.G’s map pick 16-4.

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CeRq was the team’s standout player, posting a rare 2.00 rating and a KAST percentage of 96. But it wasn’t just CeRq that helped EG to its dominant Train win. Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte also had an impressive game for EG with a ridiculous 95% KAST. These performances came along with stunning KDAs from both players, with CeRq ending Train at 26/5/9 and Brehze going 20/1/8.

Both were rock solid for EG, but it was Tarik “tarik” Celek that came away from Train with a highlight play.

Gen.G almost complete miracle comeback on EG’s Inferno

Inferno came next, and it looked as though EG would continue bullying Gen.G. EG’s Peter “Stanislaw” Jarguz and company racked up an 11-4 scoreline on their T side and looked ready to close things out early once again.

After halftime, EG stumbled. Gen.G and in-game leader Damian “daps” Steele came out swinging on the attacking side. Gen.G’s solid anti-eco rounds combined with some suspect early CT rotates from EG,allowed Gen.G to stage a comeback. daps’ strategies caught EG off guard several times, leading to a massive comeback that tied the game 14-14.

A solid A-site hold from EG put the team on match point before an ultra-aggressive banana push from tarik and Ethan “Ethan” Arnold sealed the map and match for Evil Geniuses and crushed Gen.G’s comeback dreams.

With the win, EG took home CS Summit 6’s grand prize of $22,000. More importantly, the team was also awarded 2,000 of Valve’s Regional Ranking points. The points put EG in the number-two Legend spot for CSGO’s ESL One Rio Major just as most pro players and teams kick off the scheduled July player break.

So far, it’s so good for EG, who currently look like the top North American team heading into the final Regional Ranking tournament scheduled for this fall. EG is currently only 110 points behind Team Liquid for the number one spot.


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