Pikmin 4 post game

Everything you’ll unlock in Pikmin 4 post-game content

By Olivia Richman


Jul 26, 2023

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An early playthrough of Pikmin 4 has revealed that there is a ton of content to discover after the credits roll.

Pikmin fans waited over a decade to finally play Pikmin 4 and have been marveling at the new, lush world and its curious creatures. The main story takes about five hours to complete, with the goal of saving Olimar. After you do this, you’ll get a cutscene, credits, and then the game fades to black.

As you’re wondering if that’s really it, you’re hit with a surprise cut scene and are returned to the planet. The post-game is actually where the real content begins.

Pikmin 4 post-credit details revealed

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The post-game content is quite hefty. You’ll gain access to all of the following after defeating the final boss.

  • More missions
  • More stories
  • Mini-games
  • Sub-quests
  • Four new areas including Giant’s Hearth and Primordial Thicket Areas
  • A new villain

Basically, it feels like an entirely new game. The previous main story is a bit easy but it’s sort of like preparation for the post-game content, where things get a lot more difficult. There are more Pikmin types, more mechanics, and harder game modes.

The post-game content requires a lot more resource management and strategy, so it’s definitely worth the buildup. The final boss is very difficult, so you’ll need to utilize all of the skills you learned up until this point to take them down.


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