Everything you need to know about FFA Deathmatch mode in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 12, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games’ tactical shooter is cut-throat and tough to master. Fortunately, Valorant has a free-for-all deathmatch mode which provides ideal settings for players to sharpen their mechanical skills. 

Released with Episode 1 Act 2, Valorant FFA Deathmatch mode helps serious players hone up their in-game skills. In FPS games, the aim is of utmost importance. Even if you’re laden with tons of utility, powers, and abilities, it all comes down to aiming in competitive FPS games. Riot’s shooter is heavily based on agent kits, but a sharp aim remains to be the brass ring that all players strive to achieve in practice mode. 

Basic rules of Deathmatch mode

  • Deathmatch mode has a maximum of 14 players who compete to top the scoreboard. 
  • The game lasts for nine minutes, the player with the highest kills takes away the win. 
  • Or whoever hits 40 kills first will be deemed a winner. 
  • Players get an XP boost of 900 for playing Deathmatch, bumped from the previous 500XP. 
  • There’s no Spike in Deathmatch mode. 

How to play Valorant’s Deathmatch mode? 

Valorant’s FFA Deathmatch is strictly aim-based which is why abilities are turned off for the mode. You can freely run around the map without the fear of being blindsided or having a molotov thrown at you. There’s no Spike involved, agent selection, or even the concept of attacker and defenders. It’s purely a nine-minute long race for best aimers to climb the kill-board. 

In Deathmatch, players are spawned randomly across the maps with an option to buy weapons. Before the timer starts, a short warmup mode is provided to get in the groove. After warming up, 14 players engage in a nine-minute long fight to emerge on top of the scoreboard. During this duration, players have the discretion to buy any weapon they wish from the store. This allows players to master the gun of their choice.  

Deathmatch battleground provides an ideal environment to hone up aims. Players won’t have to reload their weapons every single time, as each kills awards with auto-reload. A health pack or first-aid kit glows in green atop every dead body for a while to recover the lost HP. However, the first-aid kit can also land you in the crosshair of enemies, so you may want to be careful before jumping on it. 

Due to the time restriction, the chances of camping and the slow-paced game become zero. Deathmatch is razor-sharp in which players lock horns to gather the highest number of kills before the timer hits 9. Whoever achieves 40 kills first gets to be the winner of the game. 

The weapons in Valorant require accuracy, agility, and smooth movement. Players can master all of these things in fast-paced Deathmatch mode. While most players queue in to sharpen aim, some like to play FFA Deathmatch for fun and enjoy a casual game. Most recently, Valorant introduced Escalation mode and Spike rush for the audience looking to kill time in casual games. For those who want to climb ranks, spending at least half an hour in deathmatch mode is highly recommended to speed up the grind.


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