Valorant devs planning new deathmatch mode, talk pistols-only

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 19, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

It seems that the newly released Escalation is the first in a number of new Valorant game modes.

Riot Games has teased some exciting features that are coming to Valorant deathmatch in a recent AMA session, with the most notable being a deathmatch mode.  The tactical shooter largely revolves around its competitive-friendly defusal mode. Serious players can connect to the deathmatch server prior to the match to hone their aims. However, the developer is looking to create a proper, permanent deathmatch mode to make Valorant more appealing to the casual audience. 

In a Reddit AMA session, the creators tackled questions regarding Escalation and Valorant modes in general. The team revealed that tons of new custom game modes are being tested behind the scenes for possible release in coming episodes. While casual game modes are already cooking, the devs’ are possibly putting the finishing touches on a better deathmatch experience. 

Can you use agent abilities in Valorant deathmatch? 

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Deathmatch in Valorant is strictly based on aim practice. You don’t get to pick an agent or utilize abilities. However, this may change in future updates. 

Valorant developer Darkhorse4Life explained that the current practice mode is mainly focused on warming up pre-game. However, with incoming patches, players may get a chance to play around with agent abilities and other game mechanics. 

“Our future desire is to split this mode into two different modes. One focused on competing that perhaps has other new game mechanics. One that’s always available that’s focused on warm up and practice,” he said. 

The developer touched on numerous shortcomings in the current deathmatch mode. For example, the warmup mode doesn’t let players join an in-progress match, which is an issue hindering the developer from overhauling deathmatch. As soon as there’s a workaround, a comprehensive practice mode should be expected. 

Will Valorant get a new game mode? 

Valorant recently launched Escalation mode, which players are thoroughly enjoying. The observant devs revealed that similar prototypes are in the pipelines. 

Game modes with shorter time commitments, pistol contests, and three-on-three modes may be introduced in future episodes, RiotPwnieride revealed. However, a game mode exceeding a five-person lobby may take some time. The devs explained that extensive lobbies are in the cards but currently, the client doesn’t allow for more than five people on each team. 

“7v7 would also present a tech problem: assembling a team of 7 is harder for the matchmaker than assembling a team of 5, and we weren’t sure how healthy the queue would be for this mode, so we were worried about creating long queue times with teams of 7 (for escalation mode),” tehleach said

Valorant’s current game modes have little to offer casual players looking to kill time. The addition of new formats like 3v3, ability-focused matched, and pistols-only would be a breath of fresh air for both hardcores and casuals alike. 

Considering the devs’ response, new features are certainly a hot topic in the Valorant offices. While new modes are currently in the works, unique variants may enter the deathmatch sooner than expected.